Get your hands dirty and calloused…

…get in the trenches!”

What? This is an opportunity to proclaim the good news of the “Living Water” to a remote mountain village in Honduras in both word and deed.  As a way to live the gospel among the villagers, we will help build a fresh water system with the community.  This is an opportunity to live briefly as a learner among the very poor, get a taste of their culture, stretch ourselves, and rely on God in new ways.  This environment will, we trust, build/deepen our relationships with each other, and more importantly, deepen our love for God and His children living in material poverty.

This opportunity consists of flying to Honduras and spending a week living within a poor, rural village.  As a means of building dignity, and giving ownership of this project to the receiving community, families within the village are responsible for housing and feeding each team member.  Each family in the village will also provide a “partner” to work along side each our team members.

The physical project consists of trenching in PVC pipe from a mountain spring and building a gravity fed system to supply the village water.  Each residence within the village will receive a spigot outside their home from which to draw fresh water.

This is an opportunity to briefly enter into a community and join together hand-in-hand with the villagers to help provide fresh water and to share with them about the Living Water, Jesus Christ.

Who? This project is open to men and women age 21 and older in good physical health. Teams are limited to 15 people.

Cost? Team members are responsible for their own airfare. This typically cost approximately $700. As mentioned above, the village families will provide housing and food. The team will also work together to raise the funds for the water system.

Expectations? This project is very demanding physically, emotionally, and spiritually and therefore the success of the trip is determined in large part through team preparations.

The team will meet for 12 weekly meetings prior to the project. Discussions will include such topics as God’s heart for the poor, cross-cultural issues, incarnational living, prayer, and logistical concerns. It is expected that you will attempt to attend each meeting, and it is required to attend at least 10 of the 12 weekly meetings.

It is also expected that each team member participate in the fund raising efforts. Fundraising is an important component to the success of the project. Through these efforts, relationships are started and camaraderie is built, individual’s strengths and weaknesses are learned, and the group begins to work as a team.

Although this project is demanding and participating will take many sacrifices, we believe that stepping out in such a way allows God an opportunity to work in us and through us in remarkable new ways!

If you are interested in getting in the trenches, please ask for an application from our Contact Us page.

Together seeking Him
to become more passionate for Jesus Christ
and compassionate for the world!!!