It’s About Relationship

As a way to live the gospel among the community, we help build a fresh gravity-fed water system for each village. It is a unique opportunity to live briefly among the very poor, get a taste of their culture, stretch ourselves, and rely on God in new ways. This environment will, we trust, build our relationships with each other and deepen dour love for God and His children in need.

This opportunity consists of learning together as a team, fundraising, and flying to Honduras to spend a week living within a poor, rural village. As a means of building dignity, relationships, and giving ownership of this project to the receiving community, families within the village are responsible for housing and feeding the North American team members. Each family in the village also provides a “partner” to work along side each of our team members.

We briefly enter into a community and join hand-in-hand with them to build their clean water system and share with them about the Living Water, Jesus Christ.

For more information, download our pdf, “How We Serve.”