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Great Oaks International is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which partners with the material poor through “Agua Viva”, “GO Scholarships” and “The 600” ministries.

Agua Viva

Agua Viva facilitates short-term service projects in Central America. These projects seek to understand how Jesus, the “Living Water”, is working to bring clean drinking water to remote Honduran villages. Bi-annual projects are the norm, and typically involve a team of volunteers from the U.S. partnering with a community in Honduras, to construct their gravity-fed water system, and/or sanitary latrines.

gofinallogoGO Scholarships exist to help young men and women-who demonstrate a love for the Lord and a desire to further their education-maximize their God-given potential for the advancement of the Kingdom of God through mentoring relationships during a university education experience.

Each of the students who receive this scholarship are participating and/or have participated in a Discipleship Group led by Larry and Allison Smoak. Several of these students are currently living in community with the Smoaks, encouraging one another to follow Christ in a life of humble love. Currently there are seven students on scholarship receiving funding for books, classes and living expenses. To read more, go to Go Scholarships page.

The 600 – Larry Smoak, Director

The 600 is a community of people whose purpose is to live as close as possible to Jesus’ life of humble love. By and to the glory of God, we believe that His love alone will be our joy and will overcome the darkness in our world. We live with and among the poor, loving each other and serving the poor in practical ways. We invite others to join us through a mutual mentoring process. Our goal is to send small bands of believers to other dark places of the world to model the life of Jesus. We believe that others will be attracted to the light and eventually mentored into this life with God.

Our founding community is located in Las Mangas, a small village 9 miles from the northern coast of Honduras. In Las Mangas, we live and work with our neighbors in sustainable agricultural development, service to the poorest of the poor, and service based mentoring. A rustic campus called Adullam serves as home, community development center and mentoring habitat. Here volunteers can join us for six months or more to participate in a mutual mentoring process to discover how they are to follow Christ in a life of humble love.

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