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Vision Statement

GO Scholarship exists to help equip young men and women, who demonstrate a love for the Lord and a desire to further their education, to maximize their God given potential through mentoring relationships during a university education experience for the glory of God and the advancement of His Kingdom in their own lives, families, communities, country and world.

The Story

In the late 90’s Instituto El Rey (IER) was founded to respond to the need for secondary education in the Congreal River Valley in northern Honduras.  IER provides a quality, Christian education to the rural poor of this area.  Each year since its inception it has added a grade with the inaugural class graduating in Nov. 2006.  The students at IER are provided an education that rivals the top schools in the country, all the while being taught and mentored by teachers who love Jesus!

Of the 180+ students that attend IER, a select group has been part of a discipleship group (DG) for the last several years under the leadership of Larry Smoak, a missionary who has lived in Honduras for 15 years humbly living out the life of Christ among the poor. He has lead these students in an intensive Bible study, loved them, and has shared life with them.  In addition, the DG students have been able to put their learning and faith into action through serving the poor in southern Honduras through water projects with Agua Viva.  These students have been an integral part of several short term project teams.  It is beautiful to see the poor, responding out of Christ’s love, reach out and serve the poor.  God is doing incredible things in and through their lives.

We believe God is raising up these students to be passionate followers of Christ and leaders in the world.  We also believe that the process of loving, mentoring and being involved in these students’ lives must continue even after high school graduation.   At the present time there are 5 students from the DG that have graduated and are great candidates to continue their education at the University.  However, due to the financial situations of their families it is not within reach without outside financial help.   We have been aware of this need and have been investigating options to help, but the importance of this piece in the big picture of what God is doing in Honduras didn’t fully crystallize until recently.

Each of these students has come from incredibly tough backgrounds.  They have learned discipline and perseverance through their high school years.  They have been the first to graduate from high school in their families, not to mention among the first to graduate in this area of the country! Most importantly, they have met Jesus and have had their eyes opened to living a life submitted to Him!  Each one of these students has a story of unbelievable hardship, the details of which can’t be covered here, yet have persevered and prospered.  Following is a brief introduction…

Levi graduated in 2006 as salutatorian in his class.  He is an incredibly sharp, disciplined young man who is passionate about Jesus and wants to be a doctor to serve the poor.  He had help to complete his first year of school and this year he will be entering the medical program in Tegucigalpa.

Karla was also among the first graduating class of 2006.  She is a joy to be around and exudes Christ.  She has been on several short term projects and is a delight to watch serve.  Karla is in her second year in the nursing program at the University.  Her desire is to be a missionary!

Jensi graduated in 2006.  She has a bright personality and was an excellent student.  Jensi is in her second year in the nursing program at the University. We had the privilege to serve with her during the water project in Matapalo.

Eric graduated in 2007.  He participated in the DG for a couple of years studying the Word weekly before Christ got a hold of his life.  The transformation is remarkable!   He has participated in Agua Viva projects and is very bold in sharing his love for Jesus.

Julissa graduated in 2007. Julissa was abandoned by her mother and raised by her grandmother who passed away several years ago. Julissa has a contagious smile and is excited about the chance to study at the University.

These are beautiful, talented individuals who we believe God will use in various and profound ways to further His kingdom work.  As a Board, we see the importance of this next step in these lives and therefore have agreed to facilitate a scholarship program to do so.

The scholarship program covers tuition, books, room, board and transportation.  The cost per student is approximately $2,800 per year.

We see these students as the great oaks being raised up that are talked about in Isaiah 61.  “In their righteousness they will be like great oaks that the Lord has planted for his own glory.  They will rebuild the ancient ruins, repairing cities destroyed long ago.”

The full breadth of the tapestry we see being woven can’t be conveyed in this short introduction, suffice it to say God is doing a beautiful work!

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