A. Obedienceavwhois5

Agua Viva is motivated by the compassion God displays throughout Scripture for the “least of these.” He has led us to and given us a special love for the rural poor in Honduras, the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. A Majority of these rural communities lack the most basic needs such as clean accessible drinking water and basic sanitation. During the dry season, many families are forced to walk two or more hours for water… that is often contaminated.

B. Clean Water and Living Water

Agua Viva partners with a local community to build a water system that will supply fresh water to each participating family’s home. This is accomplished by a team of approximately 15 North Americans entering into the lives of, and working alongside community members with pick-axes and shovels. By working hand-in-hand with a community, relationships are built and trust is extended which provide a context for sharing together in the redeeming message of Jesus Christ. While the gift of clean water greatly improves the recipients’ lives, it is the message of Christ’s redeeming love that is truly life changing. Through each project, many will experience the love of Christ and the hope He offers in new and tangible ways.

avwhois6C. Passionate and Compassionate Team Members

Inasmuch as we have seen God moving in individual lives and communities in Honduras, we believe another equally important purpose of Agua Viva is challenging and disciplining the North American team. Individuals have been deeply impacted and moved by the intense experience of living within the harsh environment of these poor communities. Each water project is specifically designed to facilitate an environment where team members need to rely on God in ways seldom experienced in the United States. Our desire is for each team-member to become more passionate for God and compassionate for His people.