Revisiting Old Friends

Excerpts from the journal of one of the women on the trip:

“Waking up at a quarter to four to a room filled with smoke and Dona Paula already making tortillas, I struggled with thinking that the night had been far too short. Around six o’clock I came down to Hugo’s house to find it already vacant, the men already off to work. At Alfredo’s house things were already bustling, a fire roaring, and people laughing and talking. Alfredo’s house seems to be the center of life for this village.

At seven twenty, I helped the women bag the men’s breakfast and by seven forty-five we had set off to take the men breakfast. The hike was enjoyable. Mostly uphill, at times steep, but with beauty all around, the time passed quickly as we all enjoyed each others company and the nature that surrounded us. After an hour, we reached the spot where the men were working. To see them all, American and Honduran alike, working side-by-side and combining their efforts to achieve a unified goal was such a beautiful sight. Discounting the heat, the steep and mountainous terrain, and the physical discomfort of some, each person I saw was giving their 100%. How beautiful it is when people joyfully give of themselves.

On the hike back from the work site we stopped at the home of Don Marcos, an 88 year old invalid. For three years he has been unable to move around with ease and has been confined to the misshapen boards and planks strung together that he calls “home”. Piles of rubble surrounded his bed. Appearing to be made only of skin and bones, the man lay on his side, his big eyes peering at us. How could you heart not go out to him? How could you not feel for him? ministering to his physical and spiritual needs, we fed him, sang to him and prayed with him. I was reminded of the verse that says, “Whatever you do to the least of these, you do unto me.” In a way I felt like I touched Jesus today.

On the hike back I began thinking of the days events. The conversations had, the sights seen, and I thought about the beauty of surrender. The beauty of surrendering ones time, ones energy, ones resources… for the sake of furthering the kingdom. All around me, in the lives of both men and women, American and Honduran, people were giving of themselves, whether what they had to offer was little or much, they were giving. My prayer for this group is that we would learn to surrender our wills to God. No amount of good works or giving of self can compare to the works God can do through the will that is surrendered to Him.”