Las Chilcas de San Ramon

Many thanks for your support of the Las Chilcas de San Ramon water project in March, 2009. God’s presence was clearly evident in each step of the project, from the 3 months of team training, to the week in the village. We saw God’s hand as He brought together a team of 15 people from the states with a team of eight friends and missionaries from Honduras, all supported by a prayer team more than thirty strong. We felt God’s love as our pick-ups ambled into the remote village and we were warmly greeted by members of the twenty-six homes of the village. God’s voice was heard loud and clear as His message of hope was proclaimed in the children’s programs and adult meetings. His voice was also heard in the trenches as one of the team members led his work partner to Christ while taking a break from picking. We also had the joy of seeing the face of Jesus as we looked into the bright eyes of eight-year- old Douglas, a boy who suffered from hydrocephalus. His mother carried him to the children’s meetings, where he learned several songs. On visits to his home, he would sing out theses songs with a smile that radiated true joy, even though his physical limitations should have drowned out any comfort and peace. God was present! It is always amazing and humbling to be a part of God’s work among people He treasures so dearly. Thank you for your part on our team as we are reminded over and over of the beauty of the body of Christ at work.

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