Our First Trip

Although this was our first project and the first mission trip for each of the 15 team members, we were fortunate to be serving a God who is faithful. God revealed Himself to us in new ways and we saw lives transformed. Avilio (a man from the community) commented the last evening we were there, “look what we can do as a community when we all work together.” This is our desire, that a community would be encouraged and enabled through these projects instead of adopting a “welfare” mentality.

This is a letter that was given to us by one of the men from the village on the day we left Las Trojas:           

 “First I want to give thanks to God Almighty for these new brothers who have shared this work with us.  This is a great work for us in the village of Las Trojas.  We from Las Trojas never have had a project like this that you brothers have given us.  Us from the community of Law Trojas feel so happy and at the same time sad because your time with us has ended and we know very well that you are leaving our country.  We have the hope that one day maybe we’ll share another work with you by the help of God.  If we don’t we will have you in our hearts and remember you always because you have given us your confidence and also your care to each one of our children.  I also feel that you feel happy because you have shared this work with us.  Brothers, thank you from all of us.  Since the day we first came together we have been praying asking God the Almighty to give you strength as you work to help us.  Now that the day has come for you to return to your country, we hope that you arrive at your homes without any problems and that you can share the life we lived together with your families and other brothers and sisters from your congregation.  Brothers, we have no way to pay you because we are poor.  You have seen that we have so many needs, but the payment that you will receive is from God who is living and real.  Thank you for all of this. Goodbye.”  

Several years after the project in his community was finished, Don Sabas, community patriarch, was asked to comment on the quality of their water project and the continued relationship over the years. He summed it up, “They are not a big organization, but they come out of love.”